we are not simulating the Model United Nations,

             “We are United Nations”

Sidra Farooq

Secretary General 

Enter & shape the world of MUN with CYA

Young people are already making a difference in the world as youth activists. CYA provides a platform for young people to bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to complex problems. This allows them to inspire change and progress in society. CYA promotes inclusivity and diversity, ensuring that all voices are heard and that everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute to creating positive change.

CYA has the potential to hold those in power accountable. As young people, they can organize and mobilize to demand change, which can lead to increased transparency and accountability in government and other institutions. By inspiring other young people to act, CYA creates a ripple effect that expands beyond the immediate issue being addressed. As members of CYA, young people must continue to work towards creating a more just and equitable world for all.

What Services We Offer

CYA provides the services of Skill-building workshops, Technology education and access, Advocacy & activism support, Entrepreneurial support, Cultural and social events, Financial literacy training, Volunteer opportunities, Educational support, Career guidance & mentoring.

Career guidance and mentoring

Provide guidance and support to youth in identifying their interests, strengths, and potential career paths. Help them develop a plan to achieve their career goals and provide ongoing mentoring and support to help them succeed.

University Programs Approval and Documentation

Provide assistance and guidance for the approval and documentation process of university programs to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and academic quality.

Skill-building workshops

Offer workshops and training sessions on a range of topics, such as leadership, communication, time management, and teamwork, to help youth develop essential skills that will benefit them in all areas of life.

Volunteer opportunities

Connect youth with volunteer opportunities in their community to help them gain valuable experience, build their resume, and give back to their community.

Educational support

Provide tutoring and academic support to help youth succeed in school and achieve their academic goals.

Cultural and social events

Host cultural and social events that bring youth together to celebrate diversity, build connections, and have fun

Financial literacy training

Offer workshops and training on financial literacy, including budgeting, saving, and investing, to help youth develop the skills they need to manage their finances effectively

Entrepreneurial support

Provide support and guidance to youth who are interested in starting their own businesses, including business planning, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

Technology education and access

Provide technology education and access to help youth develop the skills they need to succeed in a digital world and ensure they have access to technology tools and resources.

Best Reasons To Choose Our Services

Participating in CYA events can help boost a students’ confidence by allowing them to express their ideas, defend their positions, and engage in debates with other students.

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Laurel Miller

Conference Manager, Germany 


CYA exposes students to different cultures, perspectives, and global issues, increasing their global awareness and understanding.

Randy Wallace

Academic Curator, LEENA, France 


CEO of CYA, Mr Adeel Yar Khan taught students to write position papers, speeches, and resolutions, which improves their writing skills and helps them learn how to communicate effectively. 

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Efficiently manage tasks and teams with our comprehensive project management tools.

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Work Process

Join CYA and shape the world of Model United Nations as a passionate and skilled leader, backed by expert guidance and resources

Enhance your public speaking, debating, and teamwork skills

MUN requires students to do extensive research on the topics they will be debating, which helps them develop their research skills and learn about different countries' perspectives.

Best working envirnment

MUN involves working in teams and collaborating with other delegates to draft resolutions and negotiate agreements, which promotes teamwork and leadership skills

Promotes teamwork and leadership skills

MUN involves working in teams and collaborating with other delegates to draft resolutions and negotiate agreements, which promotes teamwork and leadership skills.

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