CYA Empowering Youth

Empowering youth, this world demands the qualities of youth: not a time of life but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, appetite for adventure over the love of ease, learning diplomatic skill to counter global crises

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What you need to know about our company

Cosmopolitan Youth Alliance is a registered Organization under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. It’s a spirited forum of the excited and enthusiastic youth who means to add to the government assistance for the general public on the loose.

CYA is actually an international Non-Govt organization, perhaps a type of NGO that will deal with the affairs of Youth (mentoring in public speaking, carrier counseling, opportunity providence, immigration briefings, community developments, sustainable peace initiatives, poverty reduction, climate protection, and much more….)

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What Services We Offer For You

Youth development activities by the integration of Family, School, and Community Efforts by utilizing thriving young people as individuals who actively nurture, cultivate and develop positive qualities

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Youth development programs

Character development and ethical enrichment activities;
Mentoring activities, including one-to-one relationship building and tutoring;
Community youth centers and clubs;
Non-school hours, weekend, and summer programs and camps;
Sports, recreation, and other activities promoting physical fitness and teamwork. .

Combating Poverty and Hunger

Ensure basic health care.
Reducing poverty with resilience.
Commit to climate change solutions and climate justice.
Eradicating poverty through education. ...
Halting poverty by ending hunger (and thirst) ...
Empower a girl or woman. ...
Improve childhood nutrition. ... Poverty alleviation through peace.
Provide clean water & support other environmental programs
Prevent child marriages

Climate control initiatives

Enhanced Energy Efficiency. Support Sustainable Habitat.
Clean water campaigns.
Afforestation projects at different stages. Sustainable agriculture through modern techniques.
End fossil fuel subsidies.
Build low-carbon, resilient cities. Increase energy efficiency and use of renewable energy.
Implement climate-smart agriculture and nurture forest landscapes

Career counseling

Pre-Counselling. ...
Career Assessment. ...
Help in setting career goals. ...
Develop an Action Plan. ...
Using Technology Platforms. ...
Understanding the job market. ...
Updated Knowledge of Career Options Young people advisory council

Reduce inequality

Provide Books to Low-Income Families.
Exposing Individuals to Free Resources.
State Government Should Develop More Major Projects and Resources. ...
Access to Literacy Resources and Tutors. ...
Expand apprenticeships
'Equitable' Funding for Underfunded Schools
No gender discrimination

Business Strategy

Diplomatic skills development through training & workshops and then the providence of international platforms via Summits, pacts, MUNs, and other intellectual activities.


Cosmopolitan Youth Alliances is for ages; for International delegates, our team is working on developing their fine and gross motor skills, that are gaining independence, and developing their social skills through different activities like our upcoming project named MIMUNC in coming July 2023

Honest to goodness to the soul of the Joined together Countries, CYA endeavors to cultivate a helpful gathering for an open exchange on complex worldwide crises and issues, counting worldwide peace and security and financial and social advance. CYA stresses the in-depth examination and determination of squeezing issues by emphasizing the method overcomes about. In any case, with incredible powers comes incredible obligations. There are confinements to arrangements particularly when universal diplomacies and incredible interfaces are included. We trust through CYA, understudies learn the significance of balancing national interface with the desires of the worldwide community.



I take colossal pride in the fact that CYA within the past long time has effectively brought together youth from over borders and has made the domain for diplomatic discourses. The enthusiastic adolescents that take an interest in the CYA conferences have brought to the table an awesome socio, financial and political dexterity.

The setting of CYA gives the opportunity to all its individuals and delegates to lock in and learn something unused each time. The youth are the establishment for development. Hence it gets to be essential that the youth take an obvious portion within the world issues. Consequently, CYA has passionately been an advocate of how each and each voice thinks. Remaining genuine to the promotion, we have youth locked in an assorted set of thoughts that act as a pathway for their future discretionary endeavors.

Through our conferences, we proceed to expand our CYA family, with unused delegates joining within. The connections and companionships shaped at CYA that cross nationalities and borders are a trinket of the vital occasion. I and the individuals of the CYA family express appreciation to all our delegates for being a portion of MIUNC and being a specialist for change. Together let’s proceed as a team on this journey of the pioneers for successful conduct in the coming June in the Maldives.  

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Muhammad Taha

Conference Manager
Maldives International Model United Nations-MIMUN

Contact details: +92 334 3403 631 

Unlock Your Potential by discovering CYA

CYA is a trusted company that provides high-quality activities for young people, such as Model United Nations, internships, and career counseling. Their commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and quality has gained the trust of their users. CYA creates a safe and supportive environment for young people of all backgrounds and experiences. The company’s events are flexible and adaptable, providing something for everyone. Young people can benefit from CYA’s services, which help them develop their skills and achieve their goals. CYA’s dedication to youth reflects the success of its history and the company will continue to serve the youth community for years to come.

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CYA is a company that organizes and facilitates various activities for youth

CYA's events are well-regarded because of its commitment to high-quality services.

CYA provide a safe and inclusive environment for young people.

CYA offers a diverse range of activities and services to cater to different interests and needs.

CYA is a valuable resource for young people looking to develop their skills and achieve their goals.

Our Partners

We feel fortunate to have partnered with reputable companies and groups at the foreign and national symposiums. Their expertise and support were invaluable, and I look forward to future collaborations

Latest News

We are offering 21st Century Community Learning Centers to young people globally.

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